Introduction: Brain is not working.exe
Hobbies: Reading, Translating, Playing Musical Instruments, Genshin, Basketball and many others.
Likes: Zhong Li
Bio: A Malaysian Chinese studying in Japan translating BL

He's So Sweet After Class

Genre: Omegaverse, School Life
Student A X Teacher O
Translator: Rin
Editors: dedaign
Proofreader: Amber.es

All-Rounded Strategy Game

Genre: Quick-Transmigration, Comedy
Translator: Rin
Editor: Mars
Proofreaders: Ume, Jadeite

The Stranger's Homeward Journey

Genre: Modern, Amnesia
Translator: Rin
Editor: Jadeite
Proofreader: Celare

Second-Hand Love Letter

Genre: Modern, Second Chance
Translators: Rin, hoenimochi
Editor: mlky